Membership Appears Full on Member Connect Site

Key Points

  • There is a class with a Max Enrollment number set that is preventing any additional memberships from being sold.
  • To manage ongoing class sizes, use the Reservation Max field in the online settings of a class. Click here to learn how.
  • To manage a class with a closed schedule and a set limited enrollment, use the Max Enrollment field.  Click here to learn how.


This issue occurs when you have a membership option that includes a class that has met its enrollment limit. Since this class is full, it is preventing people from purchasing this membership option, even if there are other classes that are not full. To remove the "Full" message, you need to find the class and change its enrollment limit settings to allow more people to enroll.  

Note:  If you need this class to have a closed schedule with a set number of students who can enroll, click here to learn how to set that up correctly.

To find the full class, use the Saved Report > Operations > Class Enrollment Max report. You can also find it by typing the report name in the Command and Search bar. The Enrollment Max column in this report will show you which classes have an enrollment limit. Click on the Enrollments button next to each class to see if the enrollment has been reached.


One way to resolve this is to go to Setup > Programs > Classes and select the class to change the Max Enrollment field. From the class, click on the Memberships tab and change the Max Enrollment field to increase the number of members who can enroll in this class.


The other option is to create a separate membership option that only includes this class and remove this class from any other membership options. Most customers use this option when they want to create a class based on a closed class model. Using this model, the member would only be enrolled in the Foundations class that is only available on specific days and times, i.e. Saturdays at 11:00 am.  To learn how to set up a closed class schedule with it's own membership option, click here.

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