How does the online reservation system work?

To activate the online reservation system, you must set up the class to allow online reservations and waitlists. Every class has an Online page which lets you publish the class to the member connect site and set a limit for the number of reservations and the number of waitlist spaces available for each section of the class. 

Once the class is public, your members must have a current membership that includes an enrollment in the class. When the member logs into the member connect site, they will be able to click on the calendar and see a list of all the classes they are eligible to take.  From there they can add or cancel a reservation by clicking into a specific class.  If the number of reservations for a specific day and time has been reached, the member must choose another class or add themselves to the waitlist.

Managing Your Online Reservation Options

Zen Planner lets you manage when people can reserve classes and when people can cancel reservations using the Online Calendar Limits located under the Setup > Member Connect area. You can use these limits to control how far in advance a member can make a reservation and cut off when a member can make a reservation before the class begins.

The cancellation limits lets you control when a member can cancel their reservation; if the person fails to cancel their reservation before the cancellation limit, one class is automatically deducted from their membership's attendance limit. So if a person has a 10 class card they fail to cancel their reservation, their class is automatically deducts 1 class off their 10 class card, leaving only 9 classes.

Please Note: Make sure you set aside enough time in your cancellation limit to allow members who are upgraded from the waitlist enough time to be notified that they've been upgraded to reserved status. In general, we recommend setting the cancellation limit between 2-4 hours before the class begins.

Activate Automated Reservation Emails and Alerts

Zen Planner automatically includes two automated emails you can activate for your members. Use these emails to automatically remind your members about their upcoming classes or to notify members when they have been upgraded from the waitlist to reserved status.

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