Helping Students with Login Issues or Forgotten Passwords

If a member is having issues logging in to your Member Connect site or mobile app you can troubleshoot the issue very quickly.  If the member hasn't already, you should direct them to this article in the Student Guide to the Member Connect Site section that will walk them through fixing this issue:

Password Reset & Login Issues

This is the URL for the article that you can send them:

Next Steps & Key Points:

  • Neither you, nor the Zen Planner support staff have access to a member's forgotten password.  You, your staff or a Zen Planner customer advocate, can only send them a password reset email (the same one they can send themselves from the Member Login page on member connect).  You can manually send this email to them by going to their member profile and clicking the lightning bolt icon beneath their profile photo. From this popup menu, click on the link to send a password reset email to the member.


  • After two unsuccessful login attempts, the member will see a warning that they only have 3 more attempts to login before being locked out for 30 minutes. This is a security measure to prevent fraudulent access to their account.  Once the lockout has been triggered, it cannot be overridden by anyone.  
  • Make sure the member is going to the correct address/URL for your Member Connect site.  It should be in the format of https://"yourstudioname"
  • Verify that the member is using the email address you have on their profile.  Using an incorrect email is a very common occurrence with login issues.
  • The only requirement for your member's passwords is that they are a minimum of 8 characters
  • New passwords will not expire
  • Just like the studio database, the Member Connect site is not compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer.  We only support the most recent version of Internet Explorer.  When a member tries to access your Member Connect site with an unsupported browser they will see a warning letting them know that it isn't supported and to upgrade their browser.  Click here to read more about supported browsers.

    If a member is still having issues after following the troubleshooting instructions, please reach out to the Zen Planner support team for additional help.  You can call the Customer Advocate desk at (866-541-3570) or email them at


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