Customizing Zen Planner

You can customize a wide variety of features in Zen Planner to help maintain your brand with your customers and make it easier for your staff to use on daily basis. Your customizations update take effect immediately on your Zen Planner account and your member website. To access the Setup menus that allow to you customize these features, you will need to have database owner or manager staff privileges activated on your Zen Planner account.

Customize Your Zen Planner Database Fields

You can customize a variety of database fields and drop down menus that using the Setup > Database Tools menu. Within this menu, you can customize your Groups, customize your Lookup Codes and create Custom Fields. You can also change the information listed in the Setup > Business Info menu to change the display of your studio address, studio locations and staff members in your Zen Planner account as well as your member website.

Customize Your Member Website

There are many features of the member website that you can customize using the Setup > Website menu. This menu allows you to: customize the member website with your colors and logo, customize the display of your member website calendar, customize all the registrations forms people use on the member website, customize the features available on the member website (i.e. pay bills online, send member welcome emails), create and password-protect your own web pages and make them available to members-only.

Customize Your Reports

Zen Planner's powerful reporting engine lets you customize and save you changes to over 100 default reports or create your own reports. You can customize the list of fields displayed, sort order, grouping and the date ranges for any given report. You can also generate the report in a variety formats, including bar and pie charts, and historical line graphs that display report data across a period of time.

Customize Your Document Templates

Your Zen Planner account includes over 80 customizable document templates that can used for emails, alerts, certificates, tasks and almost any other form of communication. Document templates can be combined with reports and assigned to multiple automations, which allows you to let Zen Planner schedule and send out documents to anyone included in the criteria for your report.

Customize Your Automations

Zen Planner's automation manager is a powerful tool that helps eliminate much of the manual work involved with running a studio. An automation is a automated process that you can use to schedule and run specific tasks based on certain triggers and conditions that you choose. Zen Planner includes over 20 default automations that were created using the best practices and recommendations from our members. You can customize and save your changes to these automations or create your own automations to fit your business.

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