Accessing Zen Planner Help in Your Database

When you need quick help with your database, the best first move is to search our support site for helpful articles and videos.  You and your staff can access the support site search widget from inside the database by simply clicking the Help icon in the upper right hand corner.  




This will launch the help topic search popup.  From here you can enter your search, click next, and the system will return results from the support site without having to leave your database.




 If you can't find a helpful article in the results, click the button at the bottom of the popup to create a new help ticket.




Complete the fields for your help ticket then click Submit at the bottom.  This will create a help ticket that is sent to our Customer Advocate team.

Remember that you must be logged into your database in order to manage your existing tickets or submit new tickets.  When you try to login to or if you click on a ticket from your email you will be redirected to to login first.  After you enter you enter your login information the system will automatically redirect you to

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