How to Make & Manage Class Reservations

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  • Recurring reservations cannot be made through the Member Connect site or Mobile App.  If you need to make recurring reservations, please speak to your coach or a staff member.

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How to Make a Class Reservation

To make a reservation in an upcoming class, you need to be logged into the member connect site and have an active membership that includes access to that class. The class also needs to be set up to accept online reservations, so check with your studio if you don't see this option.

Log into the member connect site and click on the Calendar link in the left hand sidebar to view the class calendar.  When you are logged in, the calendar will always default to your personal calendar view, only showing you the classes & events your active membership makes you eligible to attend.


Click on the class you want to reserve.  This screen will tell you how many spaces are remaining in the class, and if you have a punch card, how many attendances you have left to use.  If you are using a class punch card, the system will also automatically deduct this attendance when you reserve.


The classes you have reservations for will have stars next to them on your calendar.


How to Cancel a Reservation

To cancel a reservation login to the your profile on the member connect site and navigate to the Calendar.  Click on the class you want to cancel your reservation for.  The studio's cancellation policy will be listed in the reservation popup window (cancel your reservation before the deadline to avoid forfeiting one of your classes on your membership).  Click the red Cancel button to remove your reservation and you're done.


How to Reserve to the Waitlist of a Class

When a class is full, it will be shaded on the calendar. If a class has been set up by the studio to accept waitlist reservations you will see and can click on the green Waitlist button. To be fair to other members, you can only add yourself to the waitlist if you do not have a reservation in another class that occurs at the same time.


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