How to Add & Update Billing Account Information

If you would like your studio to automatically bill a credit card or debit your checking account each month when your monthly membership bill is due, you can securely add this information to your profile on the member connect site.  

Log into the member connect site with your username and password. The first page that you will see after you login will display your personal profile. Click on the Bills & Payments link, then click on the +Pay Bills link in the upper left hand corner of the next screen.

SD_ACCT1.png              addacct_1.png

Click the Add a Payment Account Now link.


Enter all of your payment account information and double-check that all the fields with a red asterisk have been correctly entered. You can enter a nickname for your account in the Account Label field to easily keep track of multiple payment accounts.  Make sure the Account Holder fields match the actual billing address on your payment account. This will help ensure that your payments are processed correctly and prevent billing errors in the future.  Click Save and Continue when you're finished.


You can now use this account to pay for any future bills or to make additional purchases when you are logged into the member connect site.  Make sure to check in with your instructor and let them know that you have saved your payment account information and that it is now available for automatic payments.

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