Member Connect Site Menu Overview

Below is an example of the menu of options that may be available on your studio's Member Connect site.  


  • Home:  Takes you to the studio's homepage.
  • Log In:  Let's you login to the system if you have been given permission and been issued login info.
  • Calendar:  Just like it sounds.
  • Make Appointment:  If your studio is using appointments, use this link to access the scheduler.
  • Sign Up:  You can purchase an additional or new membership from this page.
  • Shop Online:  The studio's online store if they have set one up.
  • Leaderboard:  Tracking workout results if your studio has activated that option.
  • About Us:  Just like it sounds.
  • Getting Started:  Just like it sounds.
  • Map:  A map to the studio's locations.
  • Try a Free Class:  Takes you to a list of free trial classes.
  • Request Info:  A request info form you can submit directly to the studio.


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