Creating & Using Custom Fields

Zen Planner gives you the flexibility to create custom fields that will collect & store the information you need to run your business.  

There are seven areas in your database that you can define custom fields for: Events, Event Registrations, Memberships, People, People/Programs, Programs, Test Registrations.  Go to Setup>Database Tools>Custom Fields then click on the heading for the area you want to manage.  

The Different Types of Custom Fields

Here is an overview of where the custom fields for each area live and their most common use.

Events - Adds additional tracking and reporting capabilities to your events.  It could be used to add additional information about your event that cannot be specified anywhere else on the event setup page.  Please note:  This field only lives on the event, not the individual event registrations on your members' profiles.  

Event Registrations - Adds custom fields to your Event Registration form.  This is commonly used to ask for t-shirt size, names of team members, etc.  This information will live on the member's event registration record under View Event Registrations in the upper right hand corner of their member profile.

Memberships - Adds additional tracking and reporting capabilities to your membership options.  It could be used to specify information about your membership option that cannot be added anywhere else on the membership option setup page.  Please note:  This field can only be found on the membership detail page on the member's profile.

People - Adds custom fields to a member's personal profile.  Most commonly used for emergency contact info or other student specific info that isn't captured elsewhere.

People/Programs -  Adds custom fields to the Student Record section of a program banner on a member's profile.  Access the fields by clicking on the program banner, then click on the student record section.  These fields live on the Custom tab of that popup.  These fields are rarely used and awkward to access & maintain.  We recommend that you use the People custom fields instead if possible.

Programs - This custom field area is no longer supported.  Please use the People custom fields instead.

Test Registrations - Adds custom fields to the Custom tab on the Edit Rank popup menu.  You can use this to store additional info about the member at each specific rank.  

How to Add a Custom Field

The workflow for adding a custom field is the same for each area.  As an example, let's go through adding a People custom field since it is the most commonly used.

Go to Setup>Database Tools>Custom Fields and click on the link for People.  Now, click on the +Add a Custom Field link.  From here you are going to give it a name, specify the data type, choose a location and specify whether it is important.

Name - Just like it sounds.  The name of the field will also show up as the label next to the empty field on any registration forms you add it to.

Specify the Data Type - You can request &/or store this information in a specific format.  Here are the different types:

    • Text - This is the default.  Best for very short messages, answers or names.
    • Long Text - Use this option when you are creating a message box or expect a long form answer.
    • Yes/No - Member or staff has to select yes or no from a drop down menu.
    • Number - This field option requires a number to be entered.  Anything else will be rejected.
    • Date - This field option will present a popup calendar to choose a date from.
    • Currency - This field option requires a number be entered.  The field will automatically format it in your local currency type.
    • Select From List - Lets you create a custom drop down menu.  Enter each item on its' own line and the system will present them in that order in a drop down menu.

Choose a Location - The default is the Custom tab on the member's personal profile.  You can add a new location if required.

Important? - If this is a People custom field, then you can check this box to have it show on the front page of the member's profile.


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