Release Announcement - January 14th, 2014

Hi Friends! We are so excited to let you know about what we have completed for this release.  Please take a look below for further information. 

Instant Search Added to the Attendance Kiosk

Lightning fast name lookup on the attendance kiosk!  The new Instant Search option ensures that your members will be able to check in for class faster than ever by significantly reducing the time the system takes to look them up.  Click here to learn more about setting up Instant Search for the attendance kiosk.

Some things you need to know:

*  Instant Search only works for members.  Free Trials, Drop-Ins and Appointments will not be able to check-in using the kiosk.
*  We store a copy of your member roster in the kiosk so it can be searched quickly without having to query the server.  
*  The copy of your member roster is automatically refreshed every two hours.
*  Auto Search is automatically enabled in order for Instant Search to function.
*  There is a refresh link at the bottom right hand corner of the kiosk that will manually update the member roster in the kiosk.                     This is a great way to allow members you have just signed up to check-in immediately via the kiosk!


  • Fixed the link via mobile for password resets to recognize the newly entered Password matches when entered the same.
  • In the attendance kiosk, the popup for the member checking in now appears in the top center of the screen with the popup timeout countdown highlighted in a white square at the bottom. 
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