Release Announcement - 5/7/14

Hi, Friends!  We have just completed a release that includes a small update and exterminates some bugs.  Please keep reading!


  • Added the ability to filter the calendar by location on the member connect mobile app.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that was causing some member connect sites to generate a "404 Page Not Found" error. 
  • Fixed the issue that caused timezones in England & Australia to adjust incorrectly for daylight savings time.
  • Fixed the issue that caused prorated limited attendance memberships to generate a faulty attendance period upon renewal.
  • Fixed the issue that caused commission based pay rates calculated as a percentage of a bill to be generated incorrectly when multiple, or partial payments were made towards an individual bill.
  • Fixed issue where the database would return the result "HOME" when an entered address couldn't be validated by geocoding. The system will now return the address as entered on the profile without attempting to validate it first.
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