Release Announcement - 6/19/14

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We have just completed a release that includes an update and also fixed some bugs.  

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Control of "Guardian Signing up a Participant" Option on Member Connect

We added the ability for database owners to select whether the "guardian signing up a participant" option is presented when signing up on member connect.  
Go to the Setup> Member Connect> Member Privileges> Family Members menu to control whether this option is presented on member connect.  

The "guardian signing up a participant" option is extremely useful if you need to have parents signing up children for classes or memberships.  This is a very common need for both our martial arts customers and dance academies, but we have also seen our functional fitness and group training customers use it to effectively manage their kids programs and camps.


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed the issue where the number of spots remaining in a class were not showing on the week view of the member connect calendar.

  • Fixed the issue where the bank account number would automatically clear when changing the account type between checking and savings.

  • Fixed the issue where after one family member was reserved for a class, you could not reserve an additional family member on member connect.

  • Fixed the issue where you would receive an error message when attempting to use the maps option for viewing a People report.

  • Fixed the issue where students were presented with the option to upload a photo when signing up, even when this privilege was not activated under the Member Privileges menu in the studio.

  • Fixed the issue where people could not sign up for memberships or drop-in's from the mobile app.

  • Fixed the issue where students could no longer see the warning that reservations were closed when signing up for a class that could no longer be reserved.

  • Fixed the issue where a student accessing a custom page on member connect would be automatically logged in as the last student who had most recently viewed the page.

  • Fixed the issue where attendances were not being deducted from a student's membership after a staff member selected "Attend Anyway" when there was a current alert to prevent sign in.

  • Fixed the issue where prorated memberships were not prorating the bill due date after the membership was renewed.

  • Fixed the issue where drop-in's and free trials were able to register for a class after it was full.





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