Release Announcement - 8/5/14

Hi, Friends!  We have completed yet another release and are proud to announce the big launch of our new user interface and the squashing of some bugs.


Welcome to the New Zen Planner!

A cleaner and easier-to-use interface to simplify your workflow.             

Last winter we received feedback that customers liked the richness and features of Zen Planner, but wanted a cleaner and easier-to-use interface.  We listened to that feedback and spent the first part of 2014 working with a world-class design team to create a completely redesigned interface.  All of your existing data is still there, but you can now access it from a more intuitive interface to further minimize your behind-the-desk time.                 




Three major components of Zen Planner’s redesign include:

  • Consistent Navigation The new interface utilizes best practices in web design with consistent left to right navigation from any part of the application.
  • Feature completeness  – Zen planner’s design team was very careful with this redesign to make sure that everything customers can do today, they will also be able to do tomorrow.  The team reviewed every button, every link, and every action to make sure that it is included in the redesigned Zen Planner.
  • Made to be simple – Customers will now find a very clean overview for each of their members, with the ability to perform the actions they need in simple workflows.  Our goal is to hide complexity and present easy to use solutions.


For the time being, you will be able to switch between the new & old interfaces while you learn the new system.  In late August we will reach out to all of our owners to announce the date when the old interface will be officially retired and your database will be transitioned permanently to the new interface. 


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where students were able to create multiple reservations for the same class through member connect.

  • Fixed the issue where classes with simultaneous start times completely overlapped on the weekly view of the studio calendar.

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