Release Announcement - 12/19/14

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We added a new major feature some and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students. 


Introducing the PR Page for Premium Workout Tracking! 

With Zen Planner’s new “Progress & Results” (PR) Page, you now have access to an individual’s workout history right at your fingertips!           

In the words of CrossFit’s CEO and Founder, Greg Glassman, true fitness is “observable, measurable, and repeatable.”  With the new Progress & Results Page, you now have all of the tools you need to determine the true performance and success of an individual, with easy-to-read, interactive page.  If you have Premium Workout Tracking activated in your database you will automatically see the Progress & Results item in the submenu of a member's profile.  If you don't have Premium Workout Tracking, reach out to the customer advocate team and request to have it activated.  It's free until December 31, 2014, after which the monthly price of $25 will be added to your monthly Zen Planner bill.




Awesome Improvements

  • Added support for multi-domain tracking with Google Adwords Tracking Standards in Zen Planner.


Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where a city name of less than five letters couldn't be entered in the billing information of a member's payment account in studio.
  • Fixed the issue where when a report is pulled with the criteria set as "next ____ days" the system wasn't pulling all records for that time period.
  • Fixed the issue where a pay period starting on the 1st, using the duration "twice per month", wasn't populating payroll data to the end of the month.


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