Responsive Navigation Launch

Many of our customers use Zen Planner on a tablet or small screen computer.  It makes sense – you’re constantly on the go, and Zen Planner goes with you throughout your day.  Many of you provided feedback on our new interface, sharing that you like the new, clean look, but that the navigation areas take up too much space on the screen. We’ve listened, and released a slimmer navigation pane and shelving secondary navigation, which will kick in on smaller screens.

Zen Planner’s innovative technology team leveraged a development technique called “Responsive Design” to pull this off.  When you’re using our software on a larger screen, with plenty of screen real estate, you’ll see the full primary and secondary panes fully expanded.  On smaller screens, where real estate is at a premium, the secondary navigation will be shelved – displayed only when you need it. 

You’ll see Responsive Design in more areas over time, as this is becoming a core component of our technology strategy. This enables us to develop the functionality once, yet adapt the presentation to your preferred technology. 

Here are a couple of screenshots that will help you get going on our new responsive navigation!

As you move throughout Zen Planner on a smaller screen, you will be able to shelve and expand the secondary navigation by clicking the arrows indicated below:

Screenshot 2015-01-22 08.21.29.png

Screenshot 2015-01-22 08.21.00.png

If you can't find an item you are used to seeing in a particular area, expand the secondary navigation to see more menu options.

Our help team is here if you have any questions or need some help navigating through the new design!



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