Release Announcement - Febuary 6, 2015

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We added an important software improvement and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.       


Awesome Improvements

You can now add the description that you created for an event on the studio calendar to a database generated email! 

This will let you automatically bring in the event description as it was created with all intended spacing and formatting preserved.  When creating a an email for an event you can click on the tag drop down menu on the message toolbar to add the {HTML_description} tag to your message body.  This will insert the event description with the same look and feel that it has when viewing it on your member connect calendar.




Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the intermittent issue where on some browsers you couldn't access the popup calendar in the date fields when creating custom memberships.
  • Fixed the issue where class schedules couldn't be deleted. 
  • Fixed the issue where when creating appointments on the studio calendar that start at either 15 or 45 minutes past the hour, after saving the appointment the system would change the start time to the nearest hour or half hour.
  • Fixed the issue where when adding payment account information to a member profile in a database outside of the United States, both staff and members were unable to see the correct states for their country.
  • Fixed the issue where when placing a membership on hold in a database that uses the European or international date format (day/month/year), the dates were being calculated in US date format (month/day/year).


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