Release Announcement - January 23, 2015

Check out this week's release notes!

We added an important software improvement and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.       


Awesome Improvements

  • Added the ability for a staff member to add the gender field to a request info form.


Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where if a person had Member Connect login credentials (was already a member or filled out the Request Info form), membership registration form fields that were set up to be required, were not being presented as required on Member Connect.
  • Fixed the issue where when viewing skill results from a member's Progress & Results page in studio, skills with quote marks in the name would appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue where a staff member couldn't reallocate a member's reservations or attendances from an individually owned membership to a shared membership that the member did not also own.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't send a member an email from the studio site if they had an image file uploaded to their documents section.
  • Fixed the intermittent issue where some some customers were able to make duplicate reservations for a single class through the member connect site.
  • Fixed the issue where database notes were not being generated when batch deleting people from a database.


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