Logging Into the Group Admin Tool

The Group Admin Tool is used to help studio owners who manage multiple studios who each have their own Zen Planner database. The tool allows studio owners to run reports across all their locations as well as zoom into a specific location and review its database. This help topic describes how a group admin user can access individual studios within their group.

1. To login, you need to have a username and password for the Group Admin tool created and emailed to you.

2. Once you receive the email, follow the instructions and login with your username and password.

3. When you log in, the first page you will see displays all the studios within your group. Reports that you can run across all the studios within your group can be accessed by clicking on the icons at the top of the screen.

To log into an individual studio, click on the studio name or click on the Log In button and you will be automatically logged into that studio's database with database owner privileges.


4. Once you log into the studio database, the first page you will see is the page saved as your Home Page.

  • To return to the Group Admin tool, click on the "Back to Group Management Console" link in the top right corner.
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