Group Management Console

Zen Planner works for a wide variety of businesses.  Most are individual gyms, schools and studios who need a single database for their single location.  But, larger franchises and organizations may have multiple locations that each need their own database. 

To support larger businesses, Zen Planner can combine all of these separate locations into a single group, giving administrators in the central office greater control over the entire organization, while still limiting local staff members to their own specific location.

What is the group management console?

To support administrators in the central office, Zen Planner includes a group management console, which gives you an overview of all records from each local database in your organization.  

To access this tool, please go to

Accessing data from multiple school databases

The group management console includes aggregate reports for people, bills, payments, and more.  These aggregate reports work just like the reporting tools in the rest of Zen Planner, but they reach across the entire organization, instead of just one individual school. 

Each report includes a "Login" button, which will log you in to the appropriate database and then jump you to the specific record that you clicked.  Once you log in to an individual database, you can return to the group management console by clicking the link labeled "Back to Group" in the top right corner of each page.

Using the operations database

Every group account includes an additional Zen Planner database, called the operations database, which is used by the central organization itself.  Your operations database functions exactly like a regular Zen Planner database, but instead of tracking students and classes it is used to track the businesses that make up the organization, additional business contacts, and so on.

Your operations database can also be used to manage reports, documents, and other shared items that are common to all businesses in your organization.  Just set up a report or document as you would in any other Zen Planner database, and then set this item to be shared with all of the databases in your group. 

After you log in to the group tool, you can access the operations database by clicking the link in the top menu bar labeled "Operations Database".  This will sign you in to your customized start page for the operations database.

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