A Guide to Setting Up Multiple Locations

Zen Planner includes a number of tools to help for schools with multiple locations.  The method that you choose will depend on how your business(es) operate.

One Business Bank Account with Multiple Physical Locations

Many clients will have multiple physical locations but all payments are deposited into the same business bank account. We can set you up properly within one Zen Planner database if this is the case. Staff will only need to login to one database, but members can still checkin to each location separately.

To Get Started: Go to Setup > Locations and add your additional location(s) along with the address(es).  This location will be available instantly, so you can start scheduling classes there right away.

Do You Have Multiple Business Bank Accounts?

Some schools have multiple locations that each act like separate businesses, with separate business bank accounts (in addition to separate student lists, staff, etc.). If you need your payments to be deposited into separate bank accounts, we'd create a separate Zen Planner database for each location.

The owner (and other staff members if need be) can use the same email and password combination for each database. With that in place, you'll easily be able to login to the separate accounts. Members, however, will not be able to checkin to multiple locations without having a membership in each database.

To Get Started: Please contact us to set up additional databases for your association.  Our pricing will vary depending on your needs, but we typically offer group rates that are lower than the amount paid by individual schools.

Four or More Databases

For clients that have four or more databases, we can create a "bridge" between the separate accounts. This will use a group login that allows you to have overall reports across the databases. You'll have a single top-level login that will give you access to all of your school databases, too.  You can also set up individual staff logins that can only access one database at a time.

With four or more databases, you can use a parent database. Please note that the parent database is not intended to be used for client billing nor checkin. You can use this parent database to push custom reports, automations, and/or document templates to the databases below it.

To Get Started: Reach out to or call in to 866-541-3570 if you are considering expanding to four or more databases. Our support team will be able to connect you with the proper people to get the ball rolling.



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