I Have Multiple Locations; How can Zen Planner Help Me?

Zen Planner includes a number of tools to help for schools with multiple locations.  The method that you choose will depend on how your business(es) operate.

Independent Schools in a Single Association

Some schools have multiple locations that each act like separate businesses -- with separate student lists, staff, merchant accounts, etc..  In this case, we'll create a separate Zen Planner database for each independent business. This option works best for small associations, or for a group of businesses all owned by the same person.

In this case, we can create a "bridge" between these separate databases that will let you create overall reports across each of your businesses.  You'll have a single top-level login that will give you access to all of your school databases.  You can also set up individual staff logins that will only access one database at a time.

To Get Started: Please contact us to set up additional databases for your association.  Our pricing will vary depending on your needs, but we typically offer group rates that are significantly lower than the amount paid by individual schools.

Multiple Physical Locations that Work Like One School

Other schools have multiple locations that operate as a single business -- with a single list of students and staff, and a single merchant account for payment processing.  In this case, we'll create a single Zen Planner database for your organization.  Each physical school can be entered into Zen Planner as a separate location, so that you can maintain separate calendars at each school. This gives you the benefit of maintaining a single set of records for members, finances, etc.

In this case, you can easily designate each student's "primary" school using groups or custom fields in your Zen Planner database.

To Get Started: Go to Setup > Locations and add your additional location, along with the address.  This location is available instantly, so you can start scheduling classes there right away.

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