Onboarding Session 1 - Back End Set Up

Welcome to your first Onboarding Session!

At this point, you should have…

  • Received your log-in credentials for from your sales rep
  • Completed your Business Info Page upon login
  • Agreed to Terms of Use located at the bottom of the Business Info Page
  • Received an email from our Onboarding Coordinator, discussing imports
  • Correspondence from the payment merchant you are choosing to integrate with. Click here to learn more about our preferred payment processing options

Now, let’s move on to the agenda for your first Onboarding Session. During this session, you will learn how to:

  • Build Programs, Classes and Membership Options
  • Build Ranks and Appointments (If Applicable)
  • Add a person into Studio
  • Add a staff member into Studio
  • Discount Codes/Surcharges
  • Lookup Codes and Tax rates
  • How to Contact our Support Team for assistance

How To: Building Programs, Classes and Membership Options


Programs should be used to separate different courses of study or services in your database. Many businesses may only need one program, at least to begin with, so don't feel like you're missing something if you only have one. Once your programs are built out, move on to building out your classes.   

Here are a few broad examples (listed by verticals) to help you visualize programs:   

    • Affiliate Gyms: Group Fitness, Personal Training (30 Minutes), Personal Training (60 Minutes), Nutritional Consultation
    • Dance:  Kids Ballet, Adult Ballet, Kids Tap, Adult Tap
    • Martial Arts Studio:  Little Dragons, Adult, Hapkido
    • Personal Training:  Initial Consultation, 1:1 Training, 2:1 Training, Nutritional Coaching
    • Yoga Studio:  Yoga, Private Instruction, Ayurvedic Services  
    • CrossFit:  Adult CrossFit, Kids CrossFit, Fundamentals, Olympic Lifting

Optional:  Ranks & Promotions

Most commonly used for Martial Arts businesses. If operating a martial arts business, please check the box for “Use Ranks?”  Note: You can save time by importing rank history for your students from your current software into your new database.  If you have more than 25 members, email our onboarding coordinator before your first session to see if importing this info is the right way to go.


Zen Planner organizes your recurring weekly schedule using classes allowing you to specify an instructor, a specific date, time, and location.  Zen Planner groups classes into programs, with each class belonging to one and only one program. Classes are usually organized by skill level, age group or subject matter.

Click HERE to view the “How to build a class schedule” video

Click HERE to view a “How to build a class schedule” help document.

More than one location for each class? Ask our customer service team for more information on best practices.


 NOTE: When you are first setting up your system, complete your classes & appointments set up before building out your membership options.  This way you won't have to go back later and "fix" the enrollments under the Programs & Classes box.

This video playlist from our YouTube channel will walk you through setting up a membership option from beginning to end.  The total viewing time is about 10 minutes, so not a huge time investment for a big payoff for you.


Membership Options

In Zen Planner, a membership grants exclusive access to specified Programs, Classes and Appointment Types based on the facility offerings.

Each membership consists of the following →

  • Membership Duration - Month to Month vs. Annual
  • Automatic Renewal - Allows the membership to automatically renew
  • Attendance Allowance - Class card, 2x/Week, Unlimited
  • Installment Plan - Single Payment, Monthly,  or 1st and 15th
  • Signup Fee - If necessary, you may list a signup fee in addition to the first month installment
  • Assigned Enrollments - Classes and Appointments the membership will grant access to

Click HERE for a video on “How to build Membership Options” in your database.

Click HERE for a help document on “How to build Membership Options”



If you are migrating from another CRM system, it will be best to create your membership options in Zen Planner with the same names you currently use in your existing system.  



An appointment type is a per request or self-booked service offering. Each appointment type will have a default price, duration and list staff availability settings for your most popular services. Below are examples of appointments based on your business type.

    • Affiliate Gyms: Personal Training (30 Minutes), Personal Training (60 Minutes), Nutritional Consultation
    • Martial Arts Studio:  Private Lessons (30 minutes), Private Lessons (60 minutes)
    • Personal Training:  Initial Consultation, 1:1 Training, 2:1 Training, Nutritional Coaching
    • CrossFit:  On Ramp Appointments (if offered as 1x1)

Whew! We got through your initial setup. Now, let’s work on adding your first client into Zen Planner.

You can add prospects, alumni, and current students into your database. To add a person manually, find the green +Add a Person button after clicking on People in the left-hand menu.

This video will walk you through how to add in your current members and prospects. If you are entering someone as a prospect, click Save & Finish after you finish filling out step #3 Prospect Info tab.   



You can also add family members into your database. Please contact our support team at: for assistance.


Should I import current client data into my new ZP Database?

If you have been using other CRM software to manage your business, it may save some time to import your contact list and current memberships into your new database.  If you have more than 50 customers, email our onboarding coordinator before your first session to see if importing this info is the right way to go.

How to contact our Onboarding Coordinator:


If you did not previously have a member management software, you may still have the ability to import Excel documents. Please contact our Onboarding Coordinator for additional assistance. Please refer to the below help documents if you are switching to Zen Planner from another software;

WODify, please Click here to learn about the importing process.

Mind Body Online, please Click here to learn about the importing process.


Ready to learn more? Here are some common questions that may arise after your first session.

How do I add more staff members and assign the appropriate access to my database?

→ Click here to learn how!

What about discounts?

→ Click here for more information!



Click on the white question mark icon in the upper right hand corner of your database to search our help documents for immediate help.  

You can also call or email our Zen Planner Support Team at:

Call:  866-541-3570 (M-F, 7a-7p US Mountain time)


Finally, click the icons below to follow us on Facebook & Twitter and receive the latest news and service announcements.  

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