Onboarding Session 2 - Front End Set Up

You just finished your first onboarding session and you're ready for more!

Before we dive in to the next level, let's go over your homework.  Your onboarding coach probably asked you to work on one or more of the following things:


 Your second onboarding session will focus on setting up your member facing content: attendance tracking, member connect site, digital signature documents, member privileges, etc.  If you take some time to review this article and explore these features in your database, you will be better prepared to help us, help you get these things set up.  


Signing Up New Members

Membership Registration Form

During your second session you will learn how to customize your membership registration form so you can automatically gather the information you need from the beginning.  Not only can you configure this form with pre-existing fields, you can also add your own custom fields.  Click here to get a brief overview on customizing this form. 


Digital Signature Documents

We can help you take another step towards going paperless by adding digital membership contracts and waivers to streamline your signup process.  Your database came pre-loaded with an example of each of those documents that you can easily customize with your own content.  When you customize them and make them active, they will automatically be presented to new members during the sign-up process.  After these documents are signed, the system automatically emails a copy to the member and attaches it to their profile in your database.  To start setting them up, go to the commands & search bar in your database and search for “Digital Member Contract” or “Digital Waiver”.  If you already have your stock membership contract or waiver saved as an electronic document (MS Word, Google Doc, .txt, etc.) just copy & paste the text you want to use into the ZP template.  Click here to learn more about setting up & managing your digital signature documents.


Member Profile Management 

During your second session, your coach will teach you the basics of member management through a client profile. Zen Planner makes it easy to make payments, to activate auto-pay and to make changes to client memberships through upgrading, placing a membership on a hold or even dropping the membership, if necessary.


Keeping Track of Attendance

Zen Planner makes it easy to keep track of attendance for your members.  You have multiple options for tracking attendance, from having staff mark people as attended through the studio calendar to allowing members to check into class from their smart phone.  Don't underestimate how important this is to running your business effectively.  Keeping good attendance records gives you the business data you need to make strategic decisions to support future growth that will meet the needs of your members.  Check out our forum on attendance tracking to figure out what attendance keeping methods will work best for you. 


Skills/Workout Tracking

This feature allows you to create skills/workouts that you can assign to classes and then track the results entered by members or staff.  Affiliate Gyms use it to track WOD results with the public leaderboard & Faceboard; bootcamps and personal trainers use it to log & track biometrics.  Results can be logged by staff through the studio calendar, by staff or students on Faceboard, or by students on your member connect site or the mobile app.  Skills/workout tracking is very easy to setup, maintain and use.  Click here to follow a webinar to help you get started with workout tracking. 


Integrate Zen Planner into Your Website & Facebook

If you already have a great company website, we can help you embed your member connect site into it to create a seamless experience for current members and a powerful tool for acquiring new prospects.  Your onboarding coach can even work directly with your web designer to get your embeds done.  If you don't have a web designer, no worries.  Just bring your login info for your website &/or Facebook page to your second session so your coach can guide you through embedding your member connect site, fast & easy.  Here are a few examples of some typical choices of what to embed:

  • Affiliate Gyms:Calendar, Sign Up Page, Member Login, Leaderboard, Request Info Form, Retail Store.
  • Dance:Calendar, Sign Up Page, Retail Store. 
  • Martial Arts:Calendar, Member Login, Request Info Form, Retail Store.
  • Personal Training:  Sign Up Page, Appointment Scheduler, Member Login, Request Info Form.
  • Yoga:Calendar, Sign Up Page, Member Login, Request Info Form, Retail Store.

Not only can you embed on your website, you can also add embeds to your Facebook page.  Facebook is a great place to show off your calendar and place a request info form to pull in additional prospects.  Here is a short article that can walk you through adding embeds to your Facebook page or you can ask your onboarding coach for help getting these done as well.


Setting Up Member Privileges & Giving Them Access

After you have checked your work, you may edit the appearance of your member portal and turn on automatic access. All of this can be controlled from Setup>Member Connect>Appearance and Setup>Member Connect>Member Privileges. Before turning on automatic access make sure you have finished setting up anything your students will be interacting with (schedule, memberships, digital signature docs, etc) to prevent any confusion and make their transition to the new system as stress free as possible.  This can be a big step, so don't worry if you want to wait until your session to have your onboarding coach review your system setup before flipping the switch.

You may also choose to give your clients access to the Zen Planner Member App found in the Apple App Store for iOS mobile devices and the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices. Your clients can use the app to manage their profile, reserve for classes, track workout results and more. Zen Planner has a pre-created document template you can send to your clients to prompt them to download the Member App found in Setup> Document Templates> Mange your Profile from your Phone.


Check Out Your Work

Now that you are working on the member facing content, you should take the time to walk through and preview your work from their vantage point.   The best way to do this is to go to your member connect site and go through the process of signing up for a membership, reserving a class and touring around the rest of the profile and items in the lefthand sidebar.  You can find the address for your member connect site under Setup>Member Connect>Appearance (it's the blue link next to "Location" at the top).  You can click that link to launch your member connect site in a new browser tab.

You may also choose to tell your staff to download the Zen Planner Staff App found in the Apple App Store for iOS mobile devices and the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices. Your staff can use the app to manage client profiles, take attendance, add new clients, sell memberships and more.


Chances are that you will need a little help before, or in between your sessions.  You can get quick help two ways:

Click on the white question mark icon in the upper right hand corner of your database to search our tech support site for immediate help.

You can also call or email our tech support experts to receive help.

Zen Planner Support 
Call:  866-541-3570 (M-F, 7a-7p MST)

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