Onboarding Session 3 - Automate & Report

Almost done!  By now you should have your database set up and your members will have begun using the system.

Review this checklist and see if there is anything left that needs to be completed before moving on.

  • Building your class schedule.  Click here for a refresher.
  • Creating your membership options.  Click here for a refresher.
  • Adding your current members.  Click here for a refresher.  
  • Setting up your online payment gateway.
  • Embedding Zen Planner on your website & Facebook page.
  • Setting up attendance tracking.
  • Setting up member privileges & giving members automatic access. 
  • Setting up workout tracking

Your last onboarding session will focus on teaching you how to use templates, how to automate communications with staff & members and using the Dashboard statistics & reports.  Take some time to review this article and explore these features in your database, you will be better prepared to help us, help you.  

Using Templates

Your database came pre-loaded with a lot of ready to use templates.  Go to Setup>Communication>Document Templates to check them out.  Templates let you create messages or campaigns that you can use to send personalized messages to anyone in your database.  We use "tags" in the templates to tell the system to pull specific information from your database (like a student's first name, the information for a class reservation, online payment confirmation code, etc.).  When you click into a template, you can click on the word "tag" in the bottom toolbar above the message to access and add them to your document.  Take some time to look at a few of these templates before your session to help familiarize yourself with them.


Automations are the tools that take the work of manually sending out emails or creating tasks for common situations off your plate.  An automation is a set of specific events or conditions that you can specify, that when they are met, an action will automatically take place  (like sending out a template to a specific group of people or Go to Setup>Communication>Automations to view the pre-made automations that came with your database.  The Billing and Calendar automations are a good starting point for exploration.  This article can also walk you through how to turn on these pre-made automations.

The Dashboard

Your dashboard is where you go to view the current statistics for your business (like membership numbers & financial info).  The information displayed on your My Statistics dashboard can be customized to show a variety of different reports and metrics.  Along the left hand sidebar you can also access a large number of pre-made reports under the Saved Reports heading.  This forum can walk you through creating & customizing reports.

Additional Registration Options

Your database came pre-loaded with general intake forms available for clients to complete when signing up for a free trial, a drop in or a membership. Your onboarding coach will guide you through these forms and additional "Request Information" forms, as well as associated automations. Request Information forms give you the opportunity to collect prospect information such as the prospects' first name, last name and email address and the form can be placed on your website or Facebook, allowing you to collect and track quality leads. 


After your last session, you will be officially graduated from Onboarding.  If you have questions, click on the white question mark icon in the upper right hand corner of your database to search our tech support site for immediate help, 24 hrs a day.

If you have questions, or any other non-emergency issue about anything that you set up with your onboarding coach, you can reach out to them for help.  If you have an emergency situation or you need help with day-to-day activities you can reach out to the tech support team and they will give you the quickest response during business hours.  They are Zen Planner experts, just like your onboarding coach, and if your issue turns out to be a set up issue, they can walk over and grab your onboarding coach to get some additional insight.

Here is how to reach tech support:

Zen Planner Support 
Call:  866-541-3570 (M-F, 7a-7p mountain time)

Finally, if you still haven't already, click the icons below to follow us on Facebook & Twitter and receive the latest news and service announcements.  

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