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If you are switching from another studio management program, this step will help you move all your people from your old system into Zen Planner as quickly and easily as possible. Zen Planner's people import process is based on taking information from an existing spreadsheet file, such as a tab-delimited or comma-delimited text file and mapping the records from the file to specific fields in Zen Planner.

We recommend importing any people records into your Zen Planner account first, so that Zen Planner can accurately track relationships from these people to any memberships, attendances, and rank histories more accurately. Basically, we need to know who the people are before we can do anything else with their information.

PLEASE NOTE: There are risks in importing more than 2000 people into your database that can negatively impact reporting & communications. If you need to import 2000+ people, please click here to review additional guidance about this issue prior to completing this import.


Which records should I import?

In Zen Planner, people records are used to store information about the person such as their personal and contact information and the dates when they initially joined your studio. At a minimum, we recommend importing the following fields, if you have them available:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Home Address, City, State, ZipCode
  • Home, Work and Mobile Phone
  • Email Address
  • Inquiry Date 
  • Sign Up Date
  • Birth Date

You can find a list of all the fields that Zen Planner can store by checking under the Setup > Database Tool > Data Import > People page. The First Name and Last Name fields are required and should be unique to each person. If you import a person into Zen Planner, then import a person with the exact same first name and last name again, Zen Planner will update the existing person's record. It will not create a duplicate person.


How do I import families?

Setting up families is an important step because it helps prepare your database to handle automatic payments for an entire family. Zen Planner allows you to select one family member as the head of household and store their account information in their profile. Once store, the head of household's account information can be used to pay for any bills due for any member within their same family.

Zen Planner lets you group people into the same family using the FamilyTag in the people import file. Everyone who is in the same family should have the same tag listed in the Family Tag column on the import file. The first person listed in the spreadsheet with the Family Tag will be automatically assigned as the head of household, so make sure the billing account holder's name is listed before the other family members on the import file. If the FamilyTag is blank, the person will be automatically entered as the head of their own family.

How do I export records from my existing system?

If you are switching to Zen Planner, you'll need to export your people from your existing database into a supported spreadsheet text format, such as .XLS, .CSV or .TXT.  When possible make sure to separate each field that you want to store in Zen Planner into a separate column. For example, instead of exporting the Name field as "John Doe", split the record into First Name "John" and Last Name "Doe".

For more help:
Export People from Mind Body Online

How do I format my import file?

Once you have your export file, open the file in Excel and update the file so it will correctly upload your information into Zen Planner. This usually requires updating the column headings of your export file to map the data from your file into the correct field in Zen Planner. Below are two examples of a sample data file, before and after the column headings have been updated with the correct formatting.

You will find the people import template Excel sheet at the bottom of this article.  You can download it and use it  as a guide for formatting your exported file correctly.


Please send us your import documents when you are ready and we will review and import your information for you. 

Phone:  866-541-3570, Monday-Friday (7a-7p mountain time)




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