Importing Customer Credit Card & Bank Account Data

When you're ready to move your business to Zen Planner, you can ask for your clients' encrypted credit card &/or bank account data, for use in Zen Planner.  Depending on the agreement you have with them and their own internal policies, they may or may not agree to do this and may also charge a fee.  


****If you choose to do a credit card import, the file must be encrypted for security purposes. Please have your current payment processor send download instructions to so we can obtain the file from them. If you already have this information in hand, and the data is not encrypted, please go to, create a free account to encrypt your data. Please proceed to send the file to so our credit card specialist can import your data for you.****


The credit card companies have a strict set of rules that we must follow called PCI compliance regulations. These rules govern how we handle credit card data including how we conduct imports of this type of information.  Since this can be a sensitive process, you need to reach out to your onboarding coach or the customer advocates to receive assistance with any payment account imports.  You can call in to our customer advocate line at 866-541-3570 or start a help ticket by emailing and we’ll be glad to help you out.

If you are a Mindbody Online customer, click here for specific information on requesting credit card data from them.

What happens if I don't have a credit card file I can import?

If you do not have a payment account file or cannot obtain one from your providers, then you can manually enter the payment account information yourself or set up access to your member connect site and allow your members to enter their payment account information and update their own profiles. Please refer to these additional help documents for more information:

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