Importing Attendance

When should you import attendance records

Importing attendance records is a necessary step if:

1) You use attendance to track a student's progress through a martial arts program and identify when a student is ready to test.

2) You use class cards or punch cards and need your members current memberships in your database to be updated to reflect remaining attendance limits.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, then it is probably easier to set a cut-off date for recording attendance in your old system and start using Zen Planner's attendance kiosk to track attendance instead.


Please Note:  Importing attendance can be the most time-consuming step in the data import process, so think about if you will actively need these old attendance records in Zen Planner, or whether maintaining these records in an archived file to access if necessary will be sufficient. 


How do you import attendance records

Performing an attendance import on your own can be confusing to perform on your own, so please reach out to a customer advocate for assistance.  

Phone:  866-541-3570, Mon-Fri (7a-7p mountain time)


If you are still attending onboarding sessions, then reach out to your onboarding coach for hands on help.

In order for us to help you with your attendance import, you will need to format your attendance history data using the Attendance Import Template.  You can download this excel file for your use at the bottom of this article.  Here is additional info that will help you get ready to do your attendance import:

  • Make sure that you have completed the people, membership, and rank imports before importing attendance. The attendance import file needs to map every attendance record to an existing person with a membership that includes the classes listed in the import file. If the person, membership, or classes do not exist, then the system will not be able to accurately provide the studio with information about whether or not the person is ready to test or whether the person has any classes remaining on their punch card. 
  • Use the "Count" field when a record of all classes and class dates is not available. If any of the actual class and class date fields are not available because you can't build out your entire historical class schedule, you can still import the attendance records by choosing one of your existing programs in Zen Planner and entering a dummy class, dummy class date and count fields in the import file for each student. Zen Planner will add the attendance records to the student's attendance history and attempt to link the attendance records to one of the existing memberships in the person's membership history. If Zen Planner cannot find a membership in the history that was valid during the attendance dates listed in the import file, the membership field will appear blank.


How will the attendance import help me?

Once your attendance import is complete, you should be able to look at any student's attendance history and review a list of all the classes they have attended in the past. If you are a martial arts school, you should also be able to review the Programs section of their personal profile and see at a glance:
  • when was the student's last test 
  • when is the student eligible for their next test
  • how many classes the student has attended in the last 30 days
  • how many classes the student has attended since their last test
  • when is the student's last attendance date
  • how many classes the student needs to take to be eligible for their next test
  • how many classes the student still needs to take to be eligible for their next test.



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