Requesting Credit Card Info from MBO

When you're ready to move your business from Mindbody Online to Zen Planner, you can ask for your clients' encrypted credit card data.  You will need to formally request this data from Mindbody online and pay a fee to them.  At the time this article was written (4/8/14), the fee Mindbody has been charging is $600. 

How to Request Your Credit Card Data

To request your clients' encrypted credit card information, send an email to with the following request:


"I am writing to request my encrypted credit cards. I'm aware of the $600 fee associated with this. Please send me a CSV file (comma-separated file) via a secure email link at your earliest convenience."
You can also ask MBO for this over the phone. They have done this many times before so they will know what you're asking for.

To export credit card details for existing clients in a format that is usable in Zen Planner, you need to request your clients' encrypted credit card data.

Once this email is sent, MBO will send you a followup email that states: "I understand that MINDBODY will consider the date the file is delivered as my 30 day notice of cancellation. Any usage of the MINDBODY site after the file is delivered will not be included in the export file and I will need to manually export any reports required after that date and before the site termination date." 

Please make sure you have exported all the necessary information before you hit that 30 day deadline from the date of request.

Next Steps

After Mindbody provides the secure email link, you can email our credit card specialist at your Hightail login so we can extract your data securely. Please send us the following:

1. Username to log into hightail

2. Password to log into hightail

If you would rather not share your login, you will need to download the file, encrypt the data by going to the website Proton Mail/Signup, and send the file to our specialist at   

Note:  DO NOT send any credit card files that have not been encrypted to your onboarding coach or to our support team. Please send directly to our credit card specialist to insure that your data is securely transferred.

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