Importing People in Families

Importing people in their existing family structures is important when you need to handle payments for an entire family with a single payment account.  A good example of this is in martial arts.  You will typically have a parent who signs up one or more of their children for different programs.  The parent is the head of the family and has the payment account info on their profile.  The children are added as family members to the parent's profile so the saved payment account can be used to pay for memberships or other expenses for both children.  The parent can see a family financial statement that includes the bills for all the children on it, and a single payment for the family's bills can be submitted through your payment gateway which can reduce transaction fees for you.


Please send us your import documents when you are ready and we will review and import your information for you. 


 Let's Get Started!

Attached is a copy of the People Import Template that we would have sent you when you first signed up with Zen Planner. If you need us to resend this, please let us know.


You will use this file to reformat your people data from your existing system following the recommendations below to make sure that family profiles are being created correctly.



  • Everyone who is in the same family should have the same head of household listed in the FamilyTag column on the import file. This includes the actual head of household, their name needs to appear in their FamilyTag field as well.

EX: Joe Smith is the head of household, so he would have his own name listed in his FamilyTag field

FirstName - Joe

LastName - Smith

FamilyTag - Joe Smith


  • The head of household must appear above their family members records in the import file. 


  • The person who owns the payment account should be used as the Head of Household


  • If a family tag field is left blank, the person will be automatically created as the head of their own family



If you run into any issues or have questions while you are working on your import, please don't hesitate to reach out to onboarding team for help.  






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