Reconciling Multiple Bills at Once Using a Batch Update

After you finish importing or adding your student's current memberships to your new database, you will need to go back and reconcile the bills for those students in Zen Planner that have been paid through your old system.  You will need to follow the steps laid out below to make sure that you are reconciling all the bills that will not be run through your new database, and that you are reconciling them in a way that won't impact your financial reports in Zen Planner in a way that you don't want. 

Decide on a Cutover Date

The first thing that you need to do is decide on a cutover date for billing.  The cutover date is the last day that you will be processing payments through your old system.  Once you have settled on a cutover date, you can begin the process of reconciling the bills in your database that are due on or before that date.

Create a Report to Identify & Select Bills

You can use a Bills report to identify and select all the bills that you need to reconcile on or before your cutover date.

To build the report you will use, click on the green Dashboard and choose Onboarding Resources from your Saved Reports and click on BILLS Delete Old Bills.  



This will take you to a basic Bills report that you are going to customize.  You will update the criteria for the report to match the picture below.

Please Note:  The date you will enter is the last day you will be processing bills through your old system.



Click the grey refresh button to update the report using the criteria you set.

After the report updates, you may need to use the Show All button in the upper right hand corner to get all of the bill records onto the same page if there are more than 50 records.  When you have all the bills on the same page you will use the Select All button above the left hand side of the report to choose all the records on the page.



Once all of the bills are selected, you can review the list and uncheck any bills that you might actually want to run through your database.  Finalize the selection of bills you want to reconcile, then you can move on to the next step.

Using the Batch Update Tool to Reconcile Pre-Cutover Date Bills

After you finalize your bill selections you will click the yellow Batch Update button at either the top or bottom of the report.  This will give you the Batch Update popup menu.  

Now you will need to make a decision about how you want to reconcile these bills.  

You will need to either mark all of those bills as "PAID" or delete them.  

Here is an explanation of what each process does:

  • Mark Paid - This will allow you to batch update the status of these bills as PAID as of their due date, or PAID as of the current day.  The revenue from these bills will be added to your financial reports in Zen Planner.  This is a good option if you want to use your Zen Planner financial reports to account for revenue collected prior to your cutover date.
  • Delete Bills - If you choose to delete these bills, their revenue will not be included on any financial reports in Zen Planner.  The bills will be completely removed from your your students' profiles and the database.  This is a good option if you don't want revenue that was collected through your old system to be accounted for in Zen Planner because you will use alternate financial reporting for the period prior to your cutover date.

Once you decide on which process you want to use, you can follow the appropriate directions below:

Mark Bills as PAID

If you want to mark the bills as paid, click the Mark Paid tab in the popup then click the button next to your choice of how to mark them (Paid as of TODAY or Paid as of DUE DATE).  Click Save Changes and the system will begin reconciling those bills.  This may take a few minutes, so do not navigate away from the page until the system finishes and the page refreshes.



Delete Bills

If you want to delete the bills that are due on or before your cutover date, you will simply click the big red Delete Checked Bills button in the bottom right hand corner of the Batch Update popup menu.  The system will give you a popup warning that this is a permanent action and cannot be undone.  Click OK to acknowledge the warning and continue the action of deleting all the checked bills.  Deleting the bills may take a few minutes, so do not navigate away from the page until the system finishes and the page refreshes.

delete_bills.png    delete_warning.png


Follow Up

After the system finishes reconciling your selected bills, you will see an updated view of the Bills report you built.  If you chose to reconcile all bills, the report should now be empty.  

Now you can begin turning on AutoPay for your student's memberships without the risk of old bills firing off unintentionally.  

Click here for more information on how to set up AutoPay.

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