Test My Payment Gateway

To confirm that your merchant account is correctly integrated with Zen Planner, we highly recommend that you submit a test transaction in Zen Planner.

We also highly recommend submitting a test transaction for each payment method that you accept (for example, one test using a credit card and one test using EFT/electronic check). 

Just follow the directions below and we will walk you through how to create a test transaction and submit it through your payment gateway.

Add a Test Bill

To test your gateway, create a bill for yourself and use your own credit card or bank account to charge yourself.

In your database, click in the Power Search bar and begin typing your name.  Click on your name in the search results to go to your profile.  Click on the green Actions button in the bottom left hand corner, then click + Bill.



 Here you will choose "One-Time Bill" and proceed. 


Create a test bill for the minimum amount required by your payment processor, then click on Save Changes to finish adding the bill.

If you aren't sure what the minimum transaction amount your payment processor requires, reach out to their support team.




Pay Your Test Bill

After you click Save Changes at the bottom of your bill, you will see the Make a Payment page. Click on the Add a Credit Card or Add a Bank Account link to enter and save your payment account info you will be using for the test transaction.

test_3A.jpeg    test4.png


Once your payment account info has been saved, you will see it appear as an option in the Payment Method menu. Choose your account, then click on the Make a Payment button to submit your payment. Ensure "Offline Payment" is not selected!




Review Your Test Transaction

If the gateway is working properly, you should see a message of payment approved or payment pending on the payment receipt page. You should also see a confirmation number on the payment receipt. 




If you get an error, check to make sure that you entered you credit card or bank account correctly and that your payment gateway login and account info are correct entered and try paying the bill again.

If you have are still getting an error message, please reach out to the customer advocate team to get quick, expert help.


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