Set Up Your Gulf Management Systems Account

Gulf Management Systems (GMS) uses two different systems to offer payment processing services. The ACH/EFT service was built and is maintained by GMS, and GMS is able to offer excellent rates on transactions because they completely own this system. The credit card processing service, however, is offered in partnership with

When troubleshooting payment issues with GMS, make sure to specify whether or not your transactions are for EFT or credit cards. This will help GMS track down and review your transactions more quickly.

To Setup Your EFT Processing

Gulf will send an email that contains your GMS account information to Zen Planner, and Zen Planner will enter this info into the Setup > Financial > Credit Cards and E-Checks > Gulf Management setup page. We'll email you when the account is active and ready for you to test.

To Setup Your Credit Card Processing

*Gateway fee applies when using Please contact for additional details.

Gulf works with to process credit cards. Once your account has been approved, you should receive an email from with instructions on how to activate your account. Follow the instructions in the email and activate your account.

Once your account is activated, you can now generate an API ID and Transaction Key to link your account to Zen Planner. To setup your account in Zen Planner, open one browser window and login to your account. Open another browser window and log into your Zen Planner account. You will be copying and pasting information from the account into Zen Planner, so it will be good to have both windows open and available.

1. In your account, click on the Account menu to display the Settings menu. Under the Security Settings area, click on API Login ID and Transaction Key.


2. On the API Login ID and Transaction Key page, highlight and copy the API Login ID.

The API Login ID


3. Now go to your Zen Planner account and click on Setup > Business Info > Credit Cards & E-Checks > Gulf Management to edit your Setup.

4. Paste the API Login ID from into the API Login ID field of the Credit Card Setup ( section only. (To process electronic checks, please contact Gulf Management to apply for an electronic check processing account and follow the "To Setup Your EFT Processing" instructions.)

The Zen Planner - Gulf Management Setup Page


 5. To generate your transaction key, go back to your account and enter the answer to your secret question in the "Create New Transaction Key" field (see example below) and click on Submit. The screen will refresh to display your transaction key on the Transaction Key Page.

The Create New Transaction Key Section


The Transaction Key Page


6. Copy and paste the value in the Current Transaction Key from account into the Transaction Key field in the Credit Card Setup ( section in Zen Planner.

7. In the Zen Planner, select Live Mode for the Mode field. This activates your payment gateway. You need this to be in Live Mode to process payments.

8. In the Zen Planner, under Payments Accepted, check the boxes next to the forms of payments you accept. IMPORTANT: This section controls what forms of payment clients can use to make payments from your member website. If a payment is checked, but you don't accept that payment method, clients using your member website may receive an error when they attempt to pay a bill with that payment method.


9. Click on Save Changes in Zen Planner to save your settings in Zen Planner.

10. Finally, go back to your account and disable test mode by clicking on the big red banner (ACCOUNT IS IN TEST MODE) at the top of the Settings menu. You may also click on the Test Mode link under Security Settings > General Security Settings area. Click on the Turn Test OFF button to disable test mode.




11. Your account is active in Zen Planner. We highly recommend running a test transaction next.

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