Set Up my VersaPay & ExactPay Accounts

To set up your VersaPay accounts in Zen Planner, you need to copy information from your VersaPay and ExactPay accounts into the VersaPay Setup Page in Zen Planner.

VersaPay processes electronic check (ACH) transactions through its VersaPay gateway and processes credit card transactions through its ExactPay gateway. This help document shows you how to set up both.

Please note: Only database owners should have access to the VersaPay Setup Page and access to this page should be limited to reduce risk of fraud using your VersaPay account.


Set up Electronic Check (ACH) Processing (VersaPay)

1. Log into VersaPay. Log into the VersaPay console with the username and password that you received in your VersaPay welcome email. If you don't have this, then you'll need to contact VersaPay support to get this information.

2. Edit Your Settings. When you first login, click on the "Edit Your Settings" link to access your API information.


3. Generate Your API Key. Click on the "Integration" tab, then click on the "Generate API key" button. Your API Key will include a "Token" and a "Key". Click on the "Save" button to save and activate this key.


4. Copy your token and key into Zen Planner. Copy your newly saved token and key into the Electronic Check Setup (VersaPay) section in Zen Planner. Click the "Save Changes" button in Zen Planner when finished.

If you are not accepting credit cards at this time, skip to Step 8 below.

Set up Credit Card Processing (E-xactPay)

5. Log into E-xact. Log in to the E-xact Realtime Payment Manager (RPM) with the login and password that you received in your E-xact welcome email. If you don't have this, then you'll need to contact E-xact support to get this information.


6. Copy your Gateway ID. Once you're logged in, click on the "Terminals" link to view the Terminal Selection Page.



There will be a list of Terminals, but you are only going to use the one at the top of the list. Click on the top listed Terminal to view the details. 

Next to the "Password" field, click on the "Generate Random Password". Once the password has been generated, click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the page to save your settings. 


7. Go back to your VersaPay Setup Page in Zen Planner. Paste your Gateway ID into the ExactID field in the Credit Card Setup (ExactPay) section. For the password, copy the password you generated from the previous page. Click the "Save Changes" button in Zen Planner when finished.

8. Review Your Settings in Zen Planner. You should now have all your information from VersaPay and/or E-xactPay copied into your VersaPay Setup page in Zen Planner. In Zen Planner, check the boxes under the Payment Method section to display the payment types you are authorized to accept. When finished, click on Save Changes.

9. Test Your Integration.  Make sure you run a test transaction to confirm that the setup is correct. We recommend running tests to confirm that both your EFT and credit card transactions are processed correctly.

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