European Online Payment Compliance Issues

Key Points

  • Ask your online payment processor about current website compliance requirements.
  • You must have a company website in which to embed your Zen Planner member connect content.  Using the Zen Planner member connect site alone will not meet the legal requirements you are subject to.


Customers in Europe are subject to additional requirements when integrating online payment processing into their Zen Planner database.  In order to meet these obligations, you will need to embed any member connect content you want to share with students or public into your company website.  The Zen Planner member connect site on its own is not able to meet all of the website compliance requirements.  

NOTE:  You will be at risk of violating your agreement with your online payment processor and may be subject to penalties imposed by them if you fail to meet the website compliance requirements as outlined in your contract with them.

The following information was provided by our payment partner in Europe, Paysafe, and is accurate as of May 5th, 2014: 

Website Compliance 

The following items will need to be in place on your website prior to submitting your formal application to the bank for approval:

        • The Company's name must be displayed on the website.
        • Clear posting of the Customer Service telephone number, e-mail address and physical address.
        • Terms and Conditions including Refund/Return and Cancellation policy - This can be displayed anywhere on your site, as long as it is displayed before a customer makes a payment.
        • Delivery methods & Timescales/ Class Timetables
        • Listing of products/services/classes/memberships with pricing stated in the correct currency
        • Privacy policy
        • Card Logos
        • Your website Domain Name must be registered to the same legal entity that is applying for the Merchant Account. For example, if you are a sole trader it must be registered to you personally, if you are applying as a Limited company it must be registered to the Limited company, not an individual. If you are unsure who your domain is registered to, enter your website URL here:

 In addition, once live your website will need to include

      • ‘Click to accept’ Terms & Conditions box or statement
      • Secure Payment Page
      • CVV2 is Mandatory


Your Zen Planner member connect site provides compliance for the following items:

  • Delivery methods & Timescales/ Class Timetables - You can embed your ZP online calendar
  • Listing of products/services/classes/memberships with pricing stated in the correct currency - When you designate your country under Setup>Business Info the system will automatically insert the correct currency symbol next to all prices.
  • Secure Payment Page - Your entire member connect site and any embedded member connect content is secure (https://).  Your company website may show an insecure URL (http://), but the embedded member connect content on that same page remains secure and in compliance with any requirements.  If you are asked to submit the URL to prove the security of the payment pages on your site, you can send them the URL from your member connect site.  If you are having difficulty locating this, then please reach out to our customer advocates for help.
  • CVV2 is Mandatory -  The Zen Planner member connect site is designed to require the entry of a CVV2 code for a card.


Please Note:  All other requirements will need to be addressed by updating your company website to meet compliance standards. This may require you to seek help from a web designer if you are not comfortable adding and managing content on your website.


If you have questions regarding the four items Zen Planner is in compliance with, please reach out to your onboarding coach or one of our customer advocates.

Phone:  866-541-3570 (M-F, 7a-7p mountain time)

For questions about the additional website compliance requirements, please reach out to the online payment processor you are using.

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