The Do's and Don'ts of Billing with Zen Planner

Earning income is a fundamental part of your business, and your business must be viable for you to continue teaching.  The relationship you have with your members has many aspects, and ensuring that you are being paid for the training you provide is an important one.  Zen Planner allows you to manage your income stream in a way that works for you and your members.

Zen Planner customers who choose online payment processing to manage their income stream see measurable returns in both money and time saved from back office tasks.  Moneywise, Zen Planner customers pay on average 15% less on every transaction when they choose to use one of our preferred payment partners to process online payments.  Timewise, we have customers using Zen Planner with online payment processing that are saving approximately 25% of their time.  This freed up time has allowed them to successfully refocus on their members and growing their business.  Just imagine what you can do with the time you get back when you are no longer making bank runs or manually tracking every student's billing status.  What you are going to do with your extra 25%?

If you're in business, you need to own your income stream -- as messy as it may seem at the beginning.  Instead of outsourcing, you need tools to help simplify and manage this yourself.  Zen Planner gives you those tools.

So, What Does Zen Planner Do To Simplify Billing?

Zen Planner includes a wide selection of pre-made automation and communication tools that you can use straight out of the box, or customize to your particular needs.  This helps you be proactive about collecting your fees on time.  With Zen Planner, you can:

  • Charge credit cards and bank accounts automatically on a schedule.
  • Allow your members to pay online & manage their payment accounts through your website.
  • Automatically notify your staff of overdue payments and expiring credit cards so that you can follow up appropriately.
  • Automatically email members and add alerts that block reservations & class check-in if bills are overdue.  You can customize multiple alerts with personal messages that activate on a schedule you choose.
  • Finally, we keep you in control every step of the way.  Your schedule, your rules, your way.

And What Does Zen Planner NOT Do?

  • We do not get between you and your members.  This means that we do not call or email your members on your behalf.  We believe this is your relationship, not ours.
  • We do not send people to collections.  We believe it is better to be proactive than reactive.  Zen Planner helps prevent billing problems from happening in the first place, and we give you the tools that help you manage any issues the way that you want.
  • We do not harm your reputation.  In rare cases that someone refuses to pay, then you know immediately.  They won't be able to continue to attend class and ignore their bills.  You can decide how to handle these situations to prevent hurt feelings and bad press all around.  Search online for complaints from students about billing companies, and ask if you want to be the next school listed on the BBB complaint boards.

Setting Up Your Online Payment Gateway in Zen Planner

Zen Planner’s integrated payment system has been custom-designed to simplify your billing tasks, protect all your financial data and process member payments more efficiently.  We recommend applying for a merchant account with one of our preferred payment partners to ensure the best rates and a dedicated support structure to serve your needs.

Click here to view our preferred payment partners and to begin the application process. 



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