Integrating Our Preferred Merchant Account Providers

Specific instructions for setting up your payment gateway are located in the Setup > Business Info > Credit cards and E-checks menu. Make sure to select the correct location of your business to display the list of all available payment gateway providers we support.

United States


PaySimple is our premier payment processing partner in the United States, supporting both ACH and credit card transactions.

They offer an unbeatable deal for Zen Planner customers:

    • Fast, free & easy setup with no long-term contract
    • Dedicated support for Zen Planner customers
    • 2.19% Credit Card MOTO Rates (reward cards may differ)
    • 55¢ per transaction for echeck payments 

Other US Partners

Bluefin - Supports ACH and credit card transactions. 

Gulf Management Systems - Supports ACH and credit card transactions. 

They have agreed to provide the following:

  • No setup charges
  • Monthly fees not to exceed $25 
  • Dedicated support for Zen Planner customers 
  • Base credit card rates under 2.20% (reward cards may differ)
  • Echeck fees not to exceed $0.55 per transaction 


Non-partner US payment processor with limited Zen Planner support may be an available option if your existing merchant account can fully integrate with it.  Since we do not have a partnership with, you will need to reach out to your existing merchant account provider to confirm that it is supported and to get direction on the application process & set up requirements. 

Please note, Zen Planner charges an additional $50 fee per month if you use a merchant account with

This is in addition to any fees charged by  Our additional fee is used to cover the costs of supporting and troubleshooting any issues that occur. On average, it takes 124% more time for our support and development teams to resolve issues with an payment gateway than with customers using a preferred payment processing partner.  




Paysafe is our preferred payment processing partner in Canada, supporting both ACH and credit card transactions. 

Other Canadian Partners

Bambora supports ACH and credit card transactions.
Versapay supports ACH and credit card transactions.


Australia & New Zealand

Ezidebit supports ACH and credit card transaction in Australia and New Zealand (only ACH bank accounts with a maximum of 9 digits are supported by Ezidebit).


Western Europe

Paysafe supports only credit card transactions in the EU.


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