Add Additional Family Members

To add additional family members to an existing person in your database, use the Add a Family Member link.

1. From the personal profile of your existing student, click on the arrow next to the Family section to bring up the Add a Family Member link.


2. Type in the First Name and Last Name of the family member. Note: the Assigned To field defaults to the existing student's name. This allows Zen Planner to automatically copy the contact info from the existing student's profile into the new family member's profile. When you're finished with this page, click on Save and Continue

3. The Contact Info page displays the contact info from the existing student. Feel free to edit or add new information. 


4. From here you can add another family member by clicking on the Add a Family Member box in the Other Family Members section. Click on Save and Continue to enter prospect information for the additional family member. Click on Save and Finish if you're done. After you're finished, when you return to the existing student's personal profile, you will now see the other family members listed under the Family section.


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