Merge Duplicate Profiles

Zen Planner includes a merge tool that lets you merge more than one profile for a person in your database. This tool allows you to find all the profiles that exist for a person and then choose which data should be saved into the final profile. It's a good way to keep your database clean and help your staff find the correct profile for a person.

Using the Audit Duplicate Profiles Report

1. Go to Dashboard > Saved Reports > System Reports > Audit Duplicate People. This report pulls a list of all the people who possibly have a duplicate profile based on a similarly spelled first name and last name.


2. When you click on the Merge >> button next to a set of profiles, Zen Planner displays a page that shows the two profiles side-by-side and a Result column. The data in the Result column shows the data that will be saved in the final merged profile. You can edit the data in the Result column and determine which data from the profiles you want to ultimately keep.


3. When you have finished reviewing all the items in the Result column, click on the Merge Duplicates at the bottom of the page to save your results and complete the merge. Now when you search for the person, only one profile will show up. Use the Audit Duplicate Profiles report to review all the duplicate profiles in your database.

Merge Duplicate Profiles for a Specific Person

If there is a specific person who has multiple profiles you want to merge, you can find the merge tool on the People report under the Batch Update button. This is helpful when you don't want to go through all the profiles listed in the Audit Duplicate People report.

1. To access the people report, click on the People icon and then click on the Customize This Report link.

2. To find your person, using the report criteria at the top of the report to look up the person by first or last name.


3. Check the box next to the profiles that you want to merge and then click on Batch Update > Tools > Merge checked profiles into a single record. This opens the same Merge People page that we saw previously in step 2 of the Audit Duplicate Profiles section.


4.  Review and edit the data in the Results column and click on the Merge Duplicates button at the bottom of the page to complete the merge.


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