Member Profile Page Overview

Key Points

  • Use the Power Search bar to type in a person's name and go directly to their profile.
  • Clicking on a specific menu link or section in the member profile will take you to more details. To go back to the main profile page, click on the Overview link in the submenu
  • You can add up to 10 custom fields to the Profile Details section. Use these custom fields to store additional information, such as emergency contact information, directly in the profile.



  1. Profile Details:  This section highlights frequently used information from the related sections of the Profile Details popup menu.  Access this menu by clicking on the Profile Details button.  Click here for more information about the profile details popup.         
  2. Member Profile Menu:  Navigation links to access additional detailed info for this member by subject matter.  
  3. Family Menu:  Click here to create and manage family members associated with this member.  This section also allows you to manage shared memberships.  Click here to find more information about managing families or click here to learn more about managing bills & payments.                                
  4. Actions Menu:  The actions menu gives you quick access to perform commonly used actions (add a membership, send an email, etc.)  
  5. Alerts:  Any active alerts associated with this member.  Click on an alert to view details and take action to resolve.
  6. Details:  Important, basic info about this member.  Click on data in this box to launch the Profile Details popup menu.
  7. Notes & Tasks:  You can view & add new notes or tasks to the student's profile.
  8. Membership:  Presents the member's current membership(s).  Click on the link to go to the membership to review or take action.
  9. Attendance:  This section will show you the last attendance date for this member.
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