Setting up the Attendance Kiosk


Key Points

  • Carefully review kiosk configuration options below.  Selecting some options will automatically enable or disable related options.
  • The member popup appears in the top center of the kiosk screen with the popup timeout countdown highlighted in a white square at the bottom.  


The attendance kiosk functions as a separate website ( that you can turn on and leave permanently open on the computer or tablet that you are using as your attendance kiosk. We recommend saving a bookmark for the kiosk in the browser of your kiosk computer so it's easy to find.

When you complete this topic, you'll be able to view your attendance kiosk on your computer and test checking in as a member.

Edit Your Attendance Kiosk Settings

Go to Setup> Programs> Attendance in your database to access your attendance kiosk settings.



Popup Timeout - This setting controls how long the attendance confirmation message will be displayed after a person checks into the kiosk. If you have a crush of people checking in at the beginning of class, use this field to speed up your check-in process.

Instant Search - Enabling this option will make the speed of searching for people in the kiosk seem almost instant.  Some things you need to know:

*  Instant Search only works for members.  Free Trials, Drop-Ins and Appointments will not be able to check-in using the kiosk.
*  We store a copy of your member roster in the kiosk so it can be searched quickly without having to query the server.  
*  The copy of your member roster is automatically refreshed every two hours.
*  Auto Search is automatically enabled in order for Instant Search to function.
*  There is a refresh link at the bottom right hand corner of the kiosk that will manually update the member roster in the kiosk.                       This is a great way to allow members you have just signed up to check-in immediately via the kiosk! 

Class Time - Activate this option to display class times next to the classes that are available for the member to check in. Useful if more than one class has the same name.

Auto-select - When using a barcode scanner, the system will check the member into the class with the closest start time. This option works if each class has a unique start time. Do not use this option if you have more than one class that starts at the same time.

Auto Search - When a member begins typing their name into the kiosk, Auto Search predicts one or more possible name results and automatically suggests possible matches. For faster search of members, use Instant Search instead. This option disables the Search button.

Member Search - Only search current members and allow check-in.  Free Trials, Drop-Ins & Appointments won't be able to check in.

Show Photos - Show the student's profile picture on the kiosk.

Background Color - Set a custom background color for your attendance kiosk screen. Click on the tipped paint can to select a color from the built in color picker or enter the hex value of a color.

Choose Location - This setting is helpful if you offer classes in more than one location but only have one Zen Planner account to manage them. Use this setting to allow staff members to activate the kiosk for a specific location only.

Week Begins On - This controls how weekly attendance is calculated for memberships.  For limited attendance memberships, this will permanently set the attendance periods during which rsvp's can be made and attendances can be used.

Find a Member Profile to Test the Kiosk

To test your kiosk, click on the Calendar icon and select one of today's classes.  Click on the Enrolled link to find a member who is enrolled in the class. We will test checking in as this member into today's class. 


Start the Kiosk

On the computer or tablet you are using as your Attendance Kiosk, open your browser and go to Log in with the same staff username and password you use to log into your Zen Planner database to start the kiosk. If you selected the Choose Location option in the kiosk settings, you'll be prompted to select a location.


Check in as a Member

Depending on the options you chose earlier, you will either need to type the member's name and click the Search button or begin typing their name and the system will automatically search for them.  You will get a popup for the member in the top center of the screen with the popup timeout countdown highlighted in a white square at the bottom.  You will need to select the class to sign into if the system isn't set up to automatically select one, from there click Sign In.  You will briefly see a confirmation message that shows the class they checked into, the membership that was used and the number of classes left if they have a limited membership.

    sir_dude_choose_class.png    sir dude checked in.png

Review the Attendance Record

Go back to the studio website and look up the class again and check that the member's name now has the Att. box checked next to it. The member's name will also now display on the Attended list of the class roster when you click on that link.


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