Order and Assign ID Cards to Members

This topic shows you how to order and assign pre-printed ID cards to your members. When you finish this topic, your members will be able to scan their ID cards using the barcode scanner connected to your attendance kiosk and check into their class themselves.

Order ID Cards

We highly recommend that you order pre-printed barcoded keytag cards with your studio's name and logo printed on them. Keytag ID cards are easy to add to a keychain and are less likely to be lost like other cards. You can order key cards through Zen Planner here.

When ordering the cards, please specify that the cards be printed in sequential order and include the barcode in numeric format as well as a barcode. We recommend printing the cards with the 3 of 9 (39) barcode font, which works with most barcode scanners. Check the manual for your barcode scanner to confirm what barcode fonts it can read.

If you want to save a little money or need temporary ID cards while you're waiting for your new cards to be printed, you can create your own ID cards using Avery labels. Learn how to print your own ID cards.

Assign ID Cards to Members

Once you receive your new ID cards, you need to assign a new card to each of your members. You can use the Students view on the People page to systematically assign a new ID card to each member. Hover over the member's name to highlight them, then click on the Edit button along the right hand side.  Click on the Member tab in the popup menu.




In the example below, you can see that the member has the system issued barcode number in the Barcode ID Field.   To replace this, just enter the number from their new ID card into the Bar Code ID field and save your changes.  


Note: It takes about 30 minutes to update the kiosk when a new ID is assigned, so we recommend assigning ID cards to all of your members first, then testing it. This allows the kiosk enough to automatically update itself with the most recent information.

Test the Attendance Kiosk

When you have finished adding ID cards to every member, use the steps outlined in Activate and Test the Attendance Kiosk to test the barcode scanner and the ID cards work correctly. Instead of typing the member's name or ID number however, use the barcode scanner to scan the member's ID card. The member should be checked into the next available class.


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