Print Your Own ID Cards

Printing your own barcode ID cards can come in handy when you need to save a little money while you are just getting started.  

Your database includes a bar code label document template that prints to Avery™ 5160 labels.  Just follow the steps below to print your ID cards.

Select the People Who Need ID Cards

Go to the People icon in your database.  From there you can click View All if the list is greater than 50 people and then either Select All to choose everyone, or just check the boxes next to the names of the people who need ID cards.



Select the Bar Code Label Template

When you finished selecting the names, click on the Choose Template button. From the Choose a Template window, click on Bar Code Labels. You will see a preview of how a single ID card will be printed. but the final result after printing will be a full sheet of ID card labels.  Zen Planner will merge each selected student's name and barcode ID into the template fields and the final result after printing will be a full sheet of ID card labels. 




Print the ID Cards

Click on the Print Document Now button to generate a PDF file that will be downloaded by your browser to the folder you have designated in your browser for downloads. You should be able to open the file by double clicking on it.  Load the Avery Label 5160 sheet into your printer and use the print command in your software to print them out.  Separate the labels and distribute them to your members.




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