Using Faceboard For Attendance

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Key Points

  • Included as a free extension of your attendance kiosk
  • Only works with eligible and reserved students (not drop-ins)
  • Works best with tablet and desktop computers

Required Settings

  • Must have an active workout database and allow members to view and post results
  • Must have at least one workout assigned to the class

Recommended Settings

Before Class Starts:

 1. As a staff member, go to and login with your username and password using any device, i.e. your tablet or your desktop computer. Select "Start the Faceboard".


2.  Use the Class drop down menu to choose your upcoming class.


As Members Show Up:

1.  Members can check in using Member Connect from their mobile device or check in using your tablet  or kiosk computer.

2. Members with reservations are listed under the Reserved section and can select their name to check in. When they check in, they are moved to the Checked In section automatically.


3. Members without reservations but appear on the Eligible list for the current class can use the "Check In Member" option to search and add themselves to the class.


When Class Ends:

1. Members can enter their results from the kiosk or their mobile device.

2. Update the Class dropdown menu to choose your next class.

3. View real-time results for a specific class or for all of today’s classes using the All Classes option. You can also filter the display to only show classes with results for a specific workout.


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