Modify or Void a Payment

There are three ways to change how a payment is applied to a bill. You can either refund the payment, which lets you zero out the payment and releases the bill. Or you can reallocate the payment, which lets change how much of the payment is applied to the client's bills. You can also void a payment, which will let you remove a payment that was incorrectly made on a bill.


Refunding Payments

The Refund Payment link lets you record the return of all or part of a payment amount.  

Customers with a Paysimple or Bluefin payment gateway will be able to complete refunds in their database without logging into their merchant account.  

All other payment gateways, and all ACH/EFT payments, will need to begin the refund in Zen Planner, then log into their merchant account and apply the refund there. In those cases, Zen Planner only records the refund occurred, it does not process the refund for you. We recommend saving any confirmation codes from the refunds into the Notes tab of the refund.


Re-allocating Payments

The Re-Allocate Payment link lets you move a payment from one bill to another. This is especially helpful is a person has a negative balance because they have overpaid a bill. Instead of refunding the person's money, you can apply the overpaid amount towards another bill. You can also use this link to split a payment across multiple bills.


Voiding Payments

The Void Payment link lets you undo a payment made on a bill. NOTE: When you a void a payment, this does NOT automatically refund the payment to your client's credit card or checking account. You still need to log into your payment gateway account and apply the credit to the client's transaction to fully refund their account.


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