How Does Zen Planner Process Payments?

One of the fundamental features in Zen Planner is the ability to process credit card and electronic check transactions without the need for a separate terminal. Instead, you can securely store your members' financial information and use it to submit payments directly to your business bank account using one of several payment processing partners we support throughout the world. 

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Zen Planner submits payments to your chosen payment processor and the payment processor deposits the funds into your business bank account automatically. The average processing time for credit card transactions is 2-3 business days and for EFT transaction 5-7 business days. 

Zen Planner also accurately records the status of every submitted transaction and reports any failures or errors during payment processing so you can run reports in real-time within Zen Planner to see the financial health of your business. You can set up automatic emails for your members and your staff members  depending on the bill or transaction status. Automatic emails can be used to send payment receipts, bill reminders and staff notices to review any payment errors.

How much does Zen Planner charge for payment processing?

Zen Planner is a software company, not a payment processing company, which means we do not charge any additional fees for processing payments using our software. However, we do require that you apply and sign up for a merchant account with one of our providers OR choose a provider that uses one of the payment gateways we support. Your merchant account provider will charge you separately for the use of the merchant account and a fee for every transaction that you submit.

We have negotiated special pricing with several providers. Our partner pricing is very competitive with the rates that you would pay for similar access using PayPal or Intuit Merchant Services. Plus, if you use on of our providers, you can be confident that Zen Planner integrates smoothly with their system. As soon as you enter the necessary keys from our providers into Zen Planner, your Zen Planner system is ready to start processing payments immediately.

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