Disable Automatic Payments for One Bill Only

Sometimes, you may need to disable automatic payments on a member's current bill for one time only. Maybe the member needs a few more days to pay their bill or they would like to pay by check this month. Zen Planner gives you the flexibility to make and record payments on a bill either manually or automatically.

1. If you need to disable automatic payment for a client for just one bill, look up the client using the Power Search bar and open their personal profile.

2. Under the Financial section, click on the View Bills link to display a list of all the bills for the client.


3. Select the bill you wish to change from the report and click on it to view the Bill Details.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Automatic Payment Settings and de-select the Authorized Account. This will disable automatic payment of this bill only.


5. Click on Save Changes when you're finished.

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