How to Activate Automatic Payments (AutoPay)

Key Points

  • Check your state laws to see what type of authorization you need to get from your customers to make the automatic payments legally binding.
  • You must have an active payment gateway set up in your database.
  • You must have a student's credit card or banking account information available to use for automatic payments.


This article will show you how to manually save a member's payment account info and activate automatic payments for a membership. 

Before you begin this process, make sure that you are complying with state laws about proper authorization for recurring automatic debit transactions.  Depending on your state, you may need to get a signed authorization in order to have a legally recognized recurring automatic debit agreement with a customer.  You should also make sure that you have completed all the steps for setting up your payment gateway and successfully submitted test transactions for each payment method you accept. If your payment processing integration is not correct, your automatic payments will not work.

Identify Memberships with Auto Pay OFF

You can do this one of two ways:


  • If you need to review & activate autopay for all members, use the Memberships with AutoPay OFF (Manual) report under the Memberships section of your Dashboard


Click on the Dashboard icon on the left menu bar.  To view a list of all current memberships that have automatic payments turned off, click on the Memberships with AutoPay OFF (Manual) report under the Memberships section of your Dashboard.  In the example below, there are 18 membership with AutoPay turned off.



Hover over the report and click anywhere in the highlighted area to view the underlying report.  This report will show you each membership that doesn't have AutoPay turned on so you can review and update them as needed.

Save Payment Account Information in the Membership

Click on a membership in the AutoPay OFF report.  Locate the Auto Payments section and click on the OFF link to launch the AutoPay popup menu.



If the member already has a payment account saved to their profile, you will be able to select that account to use for Autopay and Save Changes to activate.  

If they want to use an alternate account for Autopay on this membership, click the link beneath it to add a new payment account to the member's profile.




If the member doesn't have any stored payment account information, you will be prompted to click the link and enter one before activating Autopay.



To enter a new payment account, click on the link and follow the prompts.  Make sure the information is entered accurately and all the fields are completed. A little extra time here can help prevent headaches later when a transaction is declined because the account information was mistyped or missing.


Activating Autopay

After you add a payment account, you will be returned to the overview screen for the current membership.  Locate the Auto Payments section again and click on the OFF link to launch the AutoPay popup menu.  Now you will see the option to select the new payment account.  Click the radio button next to the payment account and click Save Changes


The student's membership will now show as having Autopay turned on and all current and future bills for that membership will be automatically submitted for payment through your gateway using that account.


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