Enter Automatic Payment Info (Autopay) from Member Connect Site

This help topic shows you how to use the member connect site to allow your members to enter payment account info themselves. This is useful when you are switching to Zen Planner from another system and have finished entering all the memberships and bills into Zen Planner for all of your members.

You can activate the automatic welcome email that sends a username and password to each member and provide directions on how to save their autopay account. You can also create an automatic alert that is triggered when a member saves their autopay info and remind yourself to update their membership with the new autopay account.

If you choose this option, make sure you have a signed and dated authorization form from member client that includes the payment account information, including the expiration date and the billing address for the account. You should also make sure that you have completed all the steps for setting up your payment processing and successfully submitted test transactions for each payment method you accept. If your payment processing integration is not correct, your automatic payments will not work.

Activate Your Member Privileges 

1. Go to Setup>Member Connect>Member Privileges, on that page there is a section called Finances and three check boxes underneath. In order to turn on the ability for your clients to enter their account information, you need to check the boxes next to View Bills and Pay Bills then click Save Changes.

Activate Account Info Update Alerts

Activate the Account Info Updated on Member Website automation. Located under Setup > Automations > Member, this automation sends an email to the person you choose whenever one of your members logs into the member website and updates their account info. This automation is also helpful for tracking when members have removed or deleted their account info and disabled automatic payments on their memberships and bills.

Customize Your Welcome Emails

By default, Zen Planner's welcome email includes some basic welcome text and the username and password information at the bottom of the email. You can replace the basic welcome text by clicking on the "Edit Welcome Message" link from the Setup > Member Connect > Member Privileges menu.  

Here is some sample text that works well:

Hi {FirstName},

Welcome to the Zen Planner Member Connect website. To access it from your desktop, just click on this link <INSERT YOUR MEMBER CONNECT OR COMPANY WEBSITE WITH EMBEDS URL HERE> and bookmark the page. On your mobile device, click on <INSERT YOUR MEMBER CONNECT URL HERE>, log in and make a bookmark that you can save to your homescreen for easy access later.

The temporary password below is good for 24 hrs, so, please login today to update any missing profile or payment information.

If this password expires before you can use it, just use the "forgot password" link on the login screen to receive a new one.

Click this link to view additional info and FAQ's on using our new online site (including how to save the bookmark on your mobile device)

See you soon!

Send Usernames and Passwords to Members

When you activate the Create Passwords setting, Zen Planner will automatically check your database for any new members and send them an email with the username and password and a link to your member connect site within a few hours. We recommend adding a link to the member connect site or embedding your member connect site in your website to make it easy for your members to access and manage their information.

Activate Autopay in the Membership

When your members log into the member connect site and save their payment account info, it will now be saved into their personal profile and will be available for paying the bills on any membership within the person's profile. You should receive an alert from the Account Info Updated automation when this information is updated. If the person is part of a family, the payment account will also now be available to pay for any bills generated by any member in the family, including any purchases from the retail store.

1. Go to the person's membership and click on the Automatic Payment Settings section to edit it.

2. Select the payment account to be used for paying all the bills in this membership. Click Save Changes.

3. The Automatic Payment Setting section should now display that payment account and the approval date.

Follow Up on Memberships with AutoPay OFF

You can use the AutoPay Availability report to follow up on people who do not have any account info saved in their profile. If the person has not updated their payment account information, you may want to add an alert on their profile to remind them to see you and update their payment account information.

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