How to Refund Credit Card Payments in Zen Planner: Bluefin & Paysimple Customers Only

Key Points

  • Currently, only Paysimple & Bluefin customers are able to use this feature.
  • Only credit card payments can be refunded.
  • Credit card refunds can only be processed for the full amount; no partial credit card refunds. 

If you are using either Paysimple or Bluefin to process online payments through your Zen Planner database, you can process credit card refunds directly from your database.  You will only be able to process full payment refunds for credit cards, but partial refunds will still be available for EFT/ACH and offline payments.  The steps below will walk you through the process for refunding an online credit card transaction.

How to Process a Credit Card Refund

From the members' profile, click on the Financial link and then the black View Payments button on the right hand side of the screen.  From there, click on the credit card payment in the list that you need to refund.  On the next screen, you will see the details for this payment.  Click on the Refund Payment link in the lower right hand sidebar to begin processing the refund.




On the next screen, you will enter the information needed to process the refund.  You must select a Refund Reason from the drop down menu and you have the option to apply a Return Fee if needed.  Under Tracking Info you can add any information to the Notes field that you need to save about the refund.  From this screen you can also select any of the related bills that you want to delete from the system.  Click on the Submit Refund button when you are ready to process the refund.




After the refund has been submitted, you will see the refund confirmation page.  If there are any bills that were not deleted during the refund, they will be listed at the top.  There are direct links, Edit Bill or Make A Payment, that will let you quickly access the next steps for resolving each bill.  

Remember, with the payment refunded, any associated bills that were not deleted will now have an UNPAID status and will show under the member's Amount Due.  If a bill was set up for autopay, the system will attempt to pay the bill that night if the bill due date is no more than five (5) days past due.




When you log into your merchant account, you will see the refund transaction right away in either Pending or Voided status.

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