Managing Smart Alerts: Member Connect, Studio & Kiosk

Key Points

  • Unpaid Bill & Unsigned Document alerts will be automatically cleared when the situation is corrected.
  • Custom alerts will still need to be removed manually by staff through the studio site after they have been resolved.
  • Staff can ignore blocking alerts so members can be rsvp'd or checked into a class through the studio site.
  • Members will not be able to clear custom alerts through the member connect site.
  • Alerts cannot be resolved through the kiosk or Faceboard.  The alert will prompt them to talk to a staff member.


Zen Planner will prevent members from reserving or checking into classes if they have an unpaid bill, unsigned document or a blocking custom alert active on their profile.  When the member pays the bill or signs the document, the blocking alert will now be automatically removed.  Custom alerts will still need to be manually removed by staff through the studio site.  

Smart Alerts on Member Connect

Members will now see a banner on their profile describing the alert.  If it is for an unpaid bill or unsigned document, there will be a link to take them to the page where they can resolve it.  


If the alert is a custom alert, the member will need to speak to a staff member to have it removed.


Smart Alerts on the Studio Calendar

When a staff member attempts to check a student in through the studio calendar, they will now see an alert column on the roster with icons indicating any active alerts.

If they click on the icon, it will show a general message about the type of blocking alert.  When the staff member chooses either the Checked In or Rsvp options, the system will present a popup box asking the staff member to either resolve the alert (make a payment, have the student sign the document, clear the custom alert) or ignore the alert without clearing it and click the Attend Anyway button.

Smart Alerts on the Attendance Kiosk or Faceboard

When a member attempts to check in through the attendance kiosk or Faceboard, they will be blocked and given details about the alert(s).  The blocking message will prompt them to see a staff member.

                          Attendance Kiosk Alert                                                                           Faceboard Alert 

kiosk_alerts.png                       faceboard_alert.png

The quickest way to resolve an unpaid bill or unsigned document alert is to ask the student to login to their profile on their mobile device and follow the prompts to clear them.  As a staff member, you should be able to clear unpaid bill alerts (process a payment) and custom alerts by going to the member's profile on the studio site.

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